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The App Economy

Interesting opinion by Aaron Levie CEO and co-founder of Box.  From my point of view of the application developers I encountered in LA and SF, they share some of the following characteristics: –  They often exist outside the traditional VC framework. –  Revenue comes early and often becomes self sustaining. –  They are more likely to be entrepreneur that are drawn Read More

My Experience as a Word Cloud

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Crowdfunding and social media: is it a symbiotic relationship?

For crowdfunding to be successful, communities, whether local or national, must be involved.  As a result, social media has become a critical component of crowdfunding.  Indeed, one might wonder if the two are so intertwined as to be impossible to separate.  Crowdfunding relies on people of shared interests supporting an entrepreneur, what better way to […]

LIVE BLOG: SEC Forum on Capital Formation

UPDATE:  The morning presentation on Crowdfunding was as expected and there is a great deal of interest and skepticism from many of the forum participants, depending on the context used to approach the issue.  I spoke briefly with Professor Bradford on my concerns about requiring the use of an intermediary in the Senate version of […]

Watch out House! Here comes the Senate with it’s own Crowdfunding Bill!

Congressional support and momentum for crowdfunding is growing.  Crowdfunding advocates received another boost in the Senate with the proposed Democratizing Access to Capital Act [S.1791].  Bipartisan support combined with a lot of national support [see previous post on the Rally] seems to indicate that it’s just a matter of time before crowdfunding becomes the next […]

House of Representatives passes Crowdfunding Bill

Is this the future of startup financing? The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed HR 2930, the McHenry Crowdfunding Bill, in a 407-17 vote.  First proposed in September of 2011, the McHenry Crowdfunding Bill went through just one revision in committee and is now in front of the Senate.  If the Senate approves, crowdfunding looks to […]

Flexible Purpose Corporation

There is a great proposal in the California legislature which would allow for the formation of a “flexible purpose corporation”.  This is  Senate Bill number 201 for those who keep track of these things.  Think of the Flexible Purpose Corporation as profits with a purpose. Stated simply, this bill will permit a corporation through its […]

Loco for local : OhSoWe and Zaarly

It looks like an often used phrase in real estate, “location, location, location,” also holds true for a few new startups this week. One startup from the cofounder of opentable, OhSoWe, is a virtual block association. The other, Zaarly,  positions itself as a proximity-based, real-time, powered marketplace. Though OhSoWe has some pedigree through its connection […]

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