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Courts view Forum/Venue Selection Clauses in online user agreements presumed valid

  In recent news, different courts within the United States were presented with questions regarding whether or not forum/ venue selection clauses contained in online user agreements were valid. The courts took different paths to achieve similar results, largely holding that such clauses are presumed valid in the absence of evidence showing a miscarriage of […]

Crowdsourcing: the global perspective

Mashable posted an article on the diverse impact that crowdsourcing is having across the globe.  The article highlights the impact of crowd wisdom on microfinance, direct funding, volunteering, and knowledge. The impact is hard to deny, but I wonder if in the long view this impact is going to wind up being overstated, especially given […]

The limits of crowdsourcing

  Wired magazine has an interesting article on the limits of crowdsourcing.  There has been observed a certain wisdom of the crowd- a statistical phenomena where individual biases are canceled out, and accurate results are often derived from the crowd.  But a new study, published by Jan Lorenz and sociologist Heiko Rahut of Switzerland’s ETH […]