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That Ain’t Mine: Fifth Amendment and Encryption

ARStechnica reports that a Federal Judge in Wisconsin has refused to force a suspect to turn over the encryption keys to several hard drives that may contain incriminating evidence as that would then violate his Constitutional right against self-incrimination. The courts are far from in agreement on this issue and according to past rulings, forcing a defendant to Read More

Privacy Matters: Especially to California’s Attorney General

Its not every day that a state attorney general, especially Kamala Harris, the Attorney General for California, geeks out.  But that is exactly what she did this week.  California’s Attorney General Kamala Harris was the keynote speaker at the UC Hastings Privacy Project meeting, Privacy and the Future of Innovation. This really isn’t a surprise, since Read More

Digital Ghosts: Data on mobile phones cannot be deleted, truly.

Wired has completed an investigation of the data that survives from wiped cell phones.  Some of the data that remained, was because of user error (like leaving a micro-SD card in the phone), but other finding were more disturbing. In one instance, the investigator found a large amount of deleted personal data, including hundreds of Read More

Privacy still matters: Google and EU clash over privacy

CNET  and the Wall Street Journal have reported that Google is facing a coordinated and simultaneous enforcement actions” against the company over changes made to its privacy policy in 2012.  Back in 2012, Google updated its privacy policy which allowed Google to  “combine personal information” across multiple products. France’s privacy watchdog, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et Read More

TOS….What’s the big deal….

Terms of service (ToS) are the rules and regulations that govern websites and apps. In general these terms are pretty standard but more importantly, users are often required to accept the ToS in order to reach the game, video, or information they’re trying to access. Clicking through the ToS has become a part of the […]

OneID Presents a Solution to Passwords

On a typical day you probably sign in to your email; sign in to Facebook; sign in to your bank; sign in to Amazon. We are asked countless times to enter a username and password to gain access to the myriad of websites, some of which store varying degrees of personal information. Credit card information, […]

Twitter versus New York

New York State has sent a subpoena to Twitter requiring them to turn over the user information and past tweets of Malcolm Harris, but Twitter is contesting the subpoena and fighting for Harris’s right to privacy. Harris was arrested in relation to an Occupy Wall Street protest in October 2011 and allegedly tweeted during the […]

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