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USPTO complicates Apple-Samsung Battle

Apple’s long standing battle with Samsung, has had several twists and turns, but the USPTO added another vector, issuing a final office action (see below) rejecting the patent claims of Apple against Samsung, even after a jury in a trial in Federal court deemed the patent was valid and found that Samsung had violated Apple’s Read More

First to File Patent Law: Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Attorneys…

The United States joined the rest of the world and starting this week as implemented a “first to file” patent system. Gigaom has a great summary of the new law.  In short, under the previous system, the USPTO granted a patent to whoever invented it first. Starting this week, the patent will go to whoever filed […]

The Kauffman Founation proposes The Startup Act to Congress

The Kauffman Foundation is promoting new federal legislation to promote jobs growth: The Startup Act. Although it’s not without controversy, a couple of the provisions within the Act are widely supported and startups should be aware of how that will impact patent filings and incentivize investment in new ventures. What the Startup Act changes Proposed […]

Protecting Internet Freedom and the Battle Against SOPA

As many readers of this blog have surely become aware, this past October, Representative Lamar Smith (R-Tex), introduced the Stop Online Piracy Act (“SOPA”) in the House of Representatives.  According to Smith, SOPA is meant to target websites hosting unlicensed copyrighted content on their domain, and prevent US citizens from being able to access such […]

Will ArtistShare shutdown crowdfunding before it starts?

Followers of this blog are familiar with proposed federal legislation that might completely alter how crowdfunding platforms can help entrepreneurs raise money for their projects. But legislation is not the only threat/opportunity in the crowdfunding jungle. ArtistShare’s method patent for “financing and marketing creative work” and lawsuit against Kickstarter for patent infringement threatens the crowdfunding […]

Apple wins again! S3, HTC, Apple, the ITC, and the White House

In case you forgot (or didn’t know), S3 sued Apple for patent infringement.  And, for S3 fans, things seem to be going well after an administrative judge found that Apple infringed two of S3′s patents.  Soon after HTC announced it was buying S3 and things looked bad for Apple.  Fast forward and Apple is now […]