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Will ArtistShare shutdown crowdfunding before it starts?

Followers of this blog are familiar with proposed federal legislation that might completely alter how crowdfunding platforms can help entrepreneurs raise money for their projects. But legislation is not the only threat/opportunity in the crowdfunding jungle. ArtistShare’s method patent for “financing and marketing creative work” and lawsuit against Kickstarter for patent infringement threatens the crowdfunding […]

Apple wins again! S3, HTC, Apple, the ITC, and the White House

In case you forgot (or didn’t know), S3 sued Apple for patent infringement.  And, for S3 fans, things seem to be going well after an administrative judge found that Apple infringed two of S3′s patents.  Soon after HTC announced it was buying S3 and things looked bad for Apple.  Fast forward and Apple is now […]

Courts view Forum/Venue Selection Clauses in online user agreements presumed valid

  In recent news, different courts within the United States were presented with questions regarding whether or not forum/ venue selection clauses contained in online user agreements were valid. The courts took different paths to achieve similar results, largely holding that such clauses are presumed valid in the absence of evidence showing a miscarriage of […]

Careful what you Tweet: Twitter and Defamation

Careful what you tweet, you could be on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  Cournty Love settled for $430,000  a lawsuit brought against her by Dawn Simorangkir, a fashion designer who claims that Love defamed her in a series of messages on Twitter last year. Now a NBA referee is seeing if he can recover […]

Apple versus Trolls

There are reports that this week several iphone developers have been hit with patent infringement claims based on their use of the in application purchase mechanism.   This mechanism allows developers to offer upgrades and extended features and can be an important part of their revenue stream.  The patent in question, according to CNET, appears to […]

Who’s suing whom

A while back I wrote a post on the complexity around music licensing.  Well that was nothing.  This graphic points out the mess in the telecom industry, based on these diagrams from Guardian Tech and the NY Times.  I wonder if this is part of that regulatory recovery fee that is at the end of all of our […]

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