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Video: Startup Policy Lab at Mozilla: Crowdfunding

Here is the video from the talk about the proposed Crowdfunding regulation.  It was a great event.  Charles Belle (Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation Law at UC Hastings, College of the Law), Kevin Laws (COO AngelList) and I gave three different points of view on this legislation. Charles  asked that I keep the presentation Read More

McHenry Talks Crowdfunding

This past Monday, U.S. House Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC) spoke at the SoHo Loft Capital Creation and Crowdfunding Conference in Manhattan.  McHenry is a sponsor of  H.R. 2930, the “Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act” which pas…

Will ArtistShare shutdown crowdfunding before it starts?

Followers of this blog are familiar with proposed federal legislation that might completely alter how crowdfunding platforms can help entrepreneurs raise money for their projects. But legislation is not the only threat/opportunity in the crowdfunding jungle. ArtistShare’s method patent for “financing and marketing creative work” and lawsuit against Kickstarter for patent infringement threatens the crowdfunding […]

Sustainable Economies Law Center comments on Crowdfunding Legislation

If there is one thing that is clear from the Senate Hearings on Crowdfunding, this is still a piece of legislation that is a work in progress.   The Sustainable Economies Law Center has taken a lead role in promoting community based investing and crowdfunding. In July of 2010, Jenny Kassan and interns from SELC drafted […]

Notice: Senate hearings on crowdfunding 10 A.M. ET

I think the Senate hearing attendee list is a interesting preview of how the committee may be biased against this legislation.  In particular Professor Coffee has not been a fan of Crowdfunding, referring to it as “ill considered” and generally dismissive of its value.  In addition to Coffee, other individuals testifying include the President of the North American Securities Administrators Association […]

The case for crowdfunding legislation: lessons from California

One of key questions that remains in the debate over crowdfunding is the extent to which proposed federal legislation should preempt state regulation of these activities. Both the House bill, and to a greater extent, the Senate bill attempt to prevent states for adding additional state regulation that could impede the implementation of a national program. […]

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