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Video: Startup Policy Lab at Mozilla: Crowdfunding

Here is the video from the talk about the proposed Crowdfunding regulation.  It was a great event.  Charles Belle (Executive Director of the Institute for Innovation Law at UC Hastings, College of the Law), Kevin Laws (COO AngelList) and I gave three different points of view on this legislation. Charles  asked that I keep the presentation Read More

The App Economy

Interesting opinion by Aaron Levie CEO and co-founder of Box.  From my point of view of the application developers I encountered in LA and SF, they share some of the following characteristics: –  They often exist outside the traditional VC framework. –  Revenue comes early and often becomes self sustaining. –  They are more likely to be entrepreneur that are drawn Read More

McHenry Talks Crowdfunding

This past Monday, U.S. House Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC) spoke at the SoHo Loft Capital Creation and Crowdfunding Conference in Manhattan.  McHenry is a sponsor of  H.R. 2930, the “Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act” which pas…

Empowering local communities: loca-investing

The grassroots effort to empower local communities has touched just about all facets of the economy.  One initiative is to create regional stock exchanges: loca-investing.  If successful, loca-investing would give small and medium size businesses another tool to raise money from their community.  Something that’s good for the company and the community. Bringing loca-investing to […]

The Kauffman Founation proposes The Startup Act to Congress

The Kauffman Foundation is promoting new federal legislation to promote jobs growth: The Startup Act. Although it’s not without controversy, a couple of the provisions within the Act are widely supported and startups should be aware of how that will impact patent filings and incentivize investment in new ventures. What the Startup Act changes Proposed […]

Sustainable Economies Law Center comments on Crowdfunding Legislation

If there is one thing that is clear from the Senate Hearings on Crowdfunding, this is still a piece of legislation that is a work in progress.   The Sustainable Economies Law Center has taken a lead role in promoting community based investing and crowdfunding. In July of 2010, Jenny Kassan and interns from SELC drafted […]

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