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The App Economy

Interesting opinion by Aaron Levie CEO and co-founder of Box.  From my point of view of the application developers I encountered in LA and SF, they share some of the following characteristics: –  They often exist outside the traditional VC framework. –  Revenue comes early and often becomes self sustaining. –  They are more likely to be entrepreneur that are drawn Read More

Digital Ghosts: Data on mobile phones cannot be deleted, truly.

Wired has completed an investigation of the data that survives from wiped cell phones.  Some of the data that remained, was because of user error (like leaving a micro-SD card in the phone), but other finding were more disturbing. In one instance, the investigator found a large amount of deleted personal data, including hundreds of Read More

USPTO complicates Apple-Samsung Battle

Apple’s long standing battle with Samsung, has had several twists and turns, but the USPTO added another vector, issuing a final office action (see below) rejecting the patent claims of Apple against Samsung, even after a jury in a trial in Federal court deemed the patent was valid and found that Samsung had violated Apple’s Read More

Apple wins again! S3, HTC, Apple, the ITC, and the White House

In case you forgot (or didn’t know), S3 sued Apple for patent infringement.  And, for S3 fans, things seem to be going well after an administrative judge found that Apple infringed two of S3′s patents.  Soon after HTC announced it was buying S3 and things looked bad for Apple.  Fast forward and Apple is now […]